Limbaugh: Hurricane Irma Coverage Is Liberal Media Plot to Advance ‘Climate-Change Agenda’

The talk-radio host accused media and retailers of creating hurricane anxiety in order to advance Al Gore and other liberals’ “wrong” agenda on climate change.

Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday lambasted the “drive-by media” for covering Hurricane Irma’s potential devastation as a means to further its climate-change “panic.”

His theory, which he shared at length this afternoon on The Rush Limbaugh Show, is that media and retailers are in cahoots to increase viewership and profits. And to hammer home to people that climate change exists.

“There is a desire to advance this climate-change agenda,” Limbaugh said, “and hurricanes are one of the fastest [ways] to do it.”

He claimed that “you have people in all of these government areas who believe man is causing climate change, and they’re hell-bent on proving it, they’re hell-bent on demonstrating it, they’re hell-bent on persuading people of it.”

Limbaugh continued: “Unlike UFOs, which only land in trailer parks, hurricanes are always forecast to hit major population centers. Because, after all, major population centers [are] where the major damage will take place and where we can demonstrate that these things are getting bigger and they’re getting more frequent and they’re getting worse. All because of climate change."

Hurricane Irma is, by all meteorological reports, shaping up to be bad news. This “dangerous major hurricane” ramped up to Category-5 strength Tuesday and is on a direct path for South Florida. Weather crews have detected winds up to 175 miles per hour, and Irma is the strongest storm in the Atlantic since 2007.

Limbaugh repeatedly clarified that he is not an actual meteorologist, but he does have his own system of analysis. He has been “exactly right since last Friday” in his predictions, he claimed.