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Lindsay Lohan on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Videos: How’d She Do?

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan attempted a mini-resurrection on this week's Saturday Night Live, drawing mixed reviews for her fourth turn as host. From her turn as a Disney housewife to a tongue-in-cheek Scared Straight spoof, watch the videos.

Dana Edelson / NBC

You Guys Trust Me, Right?

Lohan’s evening got off to a pretty good start with a monologue that made winking references to her past drug problems and multiple arrests. “I know, right?” Lohan began. “All of my friends at SNL trusted me enough to have me back.” Then she steps offstage, and the alarm bells go off—soon she’s getting a eye exam from Kenan Thompson and a pat-down from Kristen Wiig. And, hey, what are Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm doing here?

Prison Blues

Lohan made light of her bad-girl reputation once again in this segment, playing an inmate in the show’s recurring Scared Straight spoof. Some reviewers gave her flak for relying a bit too heavily on her cue cards in this one, but at least she rocked the bandanna.

Rapunzel’s Bad Side

SNL’s underappreciated female cast of grabbed the spotlight in this Bravo send-up called “The Real Housewives of Disney.” Nasim Pedrad looked exactly like Jasmine, and Kristen Wiig channeled her best Lohan as a Cinderella who is a “huge ---ing mess.” As Rapunzel, Lindsay got some help from her talented costars—and got in one hairy catfight.

Prank Calls

The major selling point of this sketch was the eye-catching tease image that accompanies the clip, of Kristen Wiig with her eyes bugging out of their sockets. She plays a woman terrorized by alleged prank calls, and Lohan plays it straight. Here, all the laughs were thanks to Wiig.

Psychic Abilities

Lohan put her awards-show experience to use in this skit, a spoof of the “2012 Psychic Awards” in which the in memoriam segment fast forwards to future deaths. As “Lovely Lucy,” LiLo’s job was to look good while Andy Samberg hammed it up as an over-the-top medium. But she certainly added some glamour to a psychic gathering that—ironically—goes unpredictably awry.