Lindsay Lohan vs. Amanda Bynes: A Quiz on Their Car Troubles

Can you match the starlet to the accident? Take our quiz on Amanda Bynes vs. Lindsay Lohan.

Getty Images ; AP Photo

1. Sept. 19, 2012. Arrested on misdemeanor charges for leaving the scene of an accident after reportedly clipping a pedestrian in downtown Manhattan. She calls the incident “really fishy.”

2. Sept. 16, 2012. Arrested on misdemeanor citation for driving with a suspended license in Burbank. Her uncle says she needs help.

3. Aug. 4, 2012. In a hit-and-run incident, a woman reports being rear-ended by her in the San Fernando Valley and says the star “looked liked a hot mess.”

4. June 8, 2012. She totals a Porsche while driving on a Santa Monica freeway. She blames her brakes.

5. May 5, 2012. She reportedly hits a car at a Hollywood intersection but doesn’t stop.

6. April 6, 2012. She’s arrested for driving under the influence, after she allegedly hits a police car in West Hollywood at around 3 a.m. “I don’t drink,” she later Tweeted to President Obama.

7. April 10, 2012. TMZ reports that she’s accused of a hit-and-run on the 101 Freeway in San Fernando Valley. She denied the incident, taking to Twitter to declare, “I can’t help but laugh at all of you writing fake stories about me.”

8. March 14, 2012. Another reported hit-and-run. While trying to drive away from a Los Angeles club, she may have hit a pedestrian in the knee and then allegedly left the scene. The next day, she goes on Twitter to call the allegations “a complete lie.”

9. July 25, 2007. Arrested for drunken driving, cocaine possession, and driving with a suspended license. The mother of her ex-assistant called the police.

10. May 27, 2007. After her Mercedes hits a bush on Sunset Boulevard, she’s arrested for driving under the influence. Police say cocaine was found in the car.

11. June 19, 2005. Stars in Herbie: Fully Loaded. Doesn’t crash that car—thankfully.

Answers:Lindsay: 1, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11Amanda: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7