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Listen to ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul’s New Dance Song, “Dance Bitch”

Aaron Paul is releasing a new dance song called “Dance Bitch” on Sept. 30, but you can listen here now.

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It seems like Breaking Bad fans will do anything to get their (metaphorical) fix. As the acclaimed series comes to an end, viewers are struggling to come to terms with their newly free Sunday nights, as well as their feelings of loss and abandonment. Some fans, like Tom Neville and Zen Freeman, are trying their best to keep Breaking Bad alive long after Sunday's season finale. The British duo has started streaming their new single, "Dance Bitch", online. The track features vocals by Breaking Bad's own Aaron Paul. DJ Zen Freeman, whose website bio describes him as "a celebrity in his own right," seems intent on milking Paul's celebrity for all it's worth. The track features your basic 80's synth beats and electro house components. However, unlike other EDM classics, it culminates in a unique refrain: Aaron Paul's voice, urging listeners to "Dance Bitch."

Fans of the show might be surprised to hear Paul's signature voice over a fun dance floor jam. After all, Paul's Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman is usually dealing with some pretty serious stuff. A small-time methamphetamine user, manufacturer, and dealer, Jesse partners up with his former high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the show's polarizing anti-hero. On Sunday, the world will anxiously await these character's final fates. There will likely be laughter, anger, and many, many tears. Luckily, fans can flock to their computers on Monday, the next day, and buy "Dance Bitch" on iTunes as soon as it drops. As silver linings go, it's not too shabby.