Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick Roasts Jimmy Fallon’s Trump: ‘Complete Embarrassment’ or ‘Total Failure’?

The ‘Tonight Show’ host brought in some outside help for one of late night's best takedowns of Trump yet.


In just five minutes, Martin Short helped Jimmy Fallon be as ruthless as he needs to be during a Donald Trump presidency. And he did it as his infamous Hollywood interviewer Jiminy Glick.

After Short poked fun at Fallon himself during their sit-down interview — “How brave are you?” — he revived Jiminy Glick to interview the “former reality star, bankrupt casino owner” and as he had trouble getting out, the “45th president of the United States,” on the occasion of his 100th day in office. “You look like if Dennis the Menace made a bunch of bad life choices,” Glick told Trump.

“Now your first hundred days, would you say it’s a complete embarrassment or a total failure?” he asked, echoing Stephen Colbert’s famous question about President George W. Bush (“Great president or the greatest president?”). “If Mike Pence is against gay people, why does he walk around with a stick up his ass?” he wondered.

Instead of letting Fallon answer his questions, Short mostly just barrelled through the sketch, working in as many insults of the president as he could. The whole thing was far more hard-hitting than any of the Trump-related bits Fallon has done over the past year.

“It’s now been 100 days,” Glick said later, “since you’ve seen Melania. Where is she? Where does she go?” When Trump made a joke about Chris Christie’s weight, Glick replied, “If anyone should making fun of heavy-set people, it should be you.”

“My God, you’re a handsome man,” Glick told Trump, before adding, “not many people can pull off a mouth that looks like a cat’s butthole as it walks away from you.” Wondering why Trump squints so much, he asked, “Is it because you don’t see what you’re doing to the country?”

At the end of the interview, Glick said he wanted to talk to Trump in another 100 days, “after the impeachment.”