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Meet Duckie Brown (VIDEO)

In our original web series, the acclaimed duo behind Duckie Brown offers a peek inside their colorful world.

Introducing Duckie Brown

Steven Cox and Daniel Silver are Duckie Brown, America’s acclaimed menswear design duo. They’ve been romantic partners for over 20 years, and design partners for the last decade. This season they’ve been busy with their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, as well as a new line for Perry Ellis, ‘Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown.’ Watch as life gets kooky behind the seams.

What Is Style?

Steven and Daniel tackle the question of personal style by hitting the streets of New York and asking men why they dress the way they do.

Kooky Duckies

An intimate visit into the Duckies’ studio where they reveal their obsession with “kooky” design, by showing us their “chunky turban” and an outlandish floral jacket.

Duckie x Platon

Renowned portrait photographer Platon invites the Duckies to his studio to shoot their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Friends for over a decade, it is the Duckies’ 22nd photoshoot with the famed photographer.