Meet Fashion Beast: Drag Queen Comic

What do you get when you take The Devil Wears Prada and sub out Anne Hathaway for a sassy drag queen? Fashion Beast, a kooky comic book from Avatar press that attempts to merge the nerd world with fashion sensibilities.

A collaboration between Watchmen’s Alan Moore, Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and Antony Johnson, Fashion Beast gives us Doll Seguin, a coat check girl at a trendy night club who lives in a dystopian future dominated by a fashion house. From Avatar Press: “While the world outside fears an oncoming nuclear war, Doll escapes into the carefree lifestyle of music and decadence, a fantasy inspired by the fashion designs of the mysterious Celestine. Catching the deformed recluse’s eye, Doll is drawn helplessly into a sordid tale of tragic lies, false identities, fear, and violence.”

We promise not to sue the comic book for using our name – because while we’d like to take credit for inspiring the title, the oddball comic originated as a screenplay from the ‘80s, when Malcolm and Alan tried to turn the story of a cross-dressing fashionista into a film. After sitting on a shelf for many years, Fashion Beast was resurrected when McLaren pitched the idea to Avatar press. Whether or not it will ever hit the big screen is yet to be seen, but it has all the trimmings of a Devil Wears Prada sequel – if Vogue was a dictatorship and Meryl Streep was a robot.