New Hire

Meet Maria Teresa, Prince George's New Nanny

Palace finally confirms Will and Kate have hired a Spanish nanny

WPA pool photo by Michael Middleton

Well, she held out longer than I expected.

But, with a royal tour of Australia ahead and the inevitability of a sceond baby being conceived soon (whatever William might say), the palace has finally officially confirmed that Kate Middleton has hired a nanny.

The lucky woman to get the most prestigious job in childcare was today named by Kensington Palace as Spaniard Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. The young royals have followed current trends by not hiring a British nanny who are often reported to be difficult employees.

Maria trained at the celebrated Norland Nanny school in London - so will presumably be wearing the college's Mary Poppins-style brown uniforms, complete with felt hat and white gloves - and is said to have been discovered by William and Kate when she was working for one of their friends.

Norland nannies are also trained in self-defense and escape driving, so rest assured Ms Turrion Borrallo will be able to ram potential kidnappers with George's Silver Cross pram before karate chopping them in the windpipe thanks to her Tae Kwando skills.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: "Maria is a full-time nanny, who started work with us recently, and will be accompanying the Duke and Duchess and Prince George to New Zealand and Australia."

The spokesman said that the royal couple were "happy and delighted she's come on board".

Speaking about the tour of New Zealand and Australia he added: "When they're out and about she will be looking after Prince George as she's been doing for the last couple of weeks."

Kate and William have faced criticism in the UK for leaving their eight-month old child while they went on a lavish holiday in the Maldives.