The Chosen One

Meet Michael Phelps’ Model Girlfriend, Megan Rossee

The Olympic champion has quietly been dating a 25-year-old blonde bombshell since January. Isabel Wilkinson on the mystery woman.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images for Speedo

It turns out Debbie Phelps isn’t the only woman in Michael’s life. After the swimmer became the most decorated Olympian of all time following his 22 medals in London, he formally announced that he is done with his Olympic career. But Michael Phelps has some other news, as well: he has a girlfriend.

Meet Meghan Rossee, a 25-year-old blonde bombshell. The L.A.-based model stands 5’10’’ and wears a size 2 dress. According to her modeling profile posted online, Rossee describes herself as “super easygoing and pretty much down for any type of project (that doesn’t involve nudity.)”

According to sources, Rossee and Phelps have been dating since January. And while Phelps hasn’t yet publicly talked about the relationship, the pair appeared together for the first time on Monday night, gracing the red carpet at the Speedo Athlete Celebration in London. Rossee wore a steel-colored dress with her hair slicked-back, but later in the evening looked more disheveled as she crammed onto Phelps’s lap in the back of a car.

Even Rossee’s father has confirmed the relationship. “Yes, it’s true,” he told Celebuzz. “I haven’t met him yet. I will soon. He’s been kind of busy.”

Though they’ve only just gone public, Rossee has been very open about their relationship on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. After his final race, she posted a photo of herself arm and arm with the swimmer with his gold medals with the caption: “Yay Michael J.” The rest of her Instagram photos are exuberant tourist shots of London, as well as pictures taken from the stands at Phelps’ swim meets. But more exciting are the intimate shots: Michael lounging shirtless in the back of their car with his dogs, and a sultry-looking Rossee on the set of a music video in a pair of sparkling hotpants and a garter belt, or posing with a friend in front of a bathroom mirror.

As Phelps settles back into normal life, there’s no sign that he and Rossee are settling down. In one picture on her Instagram account, the model poses jokingly with a baby carriage. “Haha,” she writes “Maaaybe 5-10 years down the road…” According to Rossee’s father, the couple are going to spend some time unwinding together after the Games. “They plan on traveling around a bit before they come home,” he said.