Meet the Flying, Swimming Drone

Epic cliff-diving fish selfie clips are imminent.

It had to happen, right? Once we conquered the skies with our now-ubiquitous unmanned vehicles, the obvious next step was to send them plummeting beneath the waves as well. But how far away must the one drone that can do it all be? The king of air and sea, perfect for voyeurs or extreme sports bros who don’t want to be limited to just the sky? Not far at all, if this prototype from Rutgers University is any indicator.

Dubbed the Naviator, this next-level footage machine is already garnering not just press but heavy interest from the defense industry, for obvious reasons. Pretty soon all those NYC skyscraper-scaling wingsuit dudes who risk it all for Internet fame are gonna have to really step up their game. Watch the video above for more information and a demonstration of the Naviator doing its thing.

No word yet as to when Amazon plans to start delivering to the sea floor.