Meghan Charms Wales, While William Shaves His Head

Meghan Markle made a public appearance with Prince Harry today and showcased a relaxed and easy manner. But Prince William’s new skinhead haircut was getting all the attention.

Meghan Markle has made it clear that she wants to fully immerse herself into British life, so it was fitting, perhaps, that on the occasion of her third public engagement with her fiancé Prince Harry, Meghan got to experience that most British of phenomena: a heavily delayed train.

Meghan and Harry were about an hour late arriving to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, for a day of engagements showcasing the city’s cultural assets, after their train was delayed due to the inclement weather that has recently been affecting much of the U.K.

Meghan wore a black coat by Stella McCartney and, in a shrewd tactical move, wore trousers by a Welsh brand, Hiut Denim.

Meghan and Harry are due to marry in Windsor on May 19.

Unusually, Meghan and Harry will have undertaken several public engagements by the time they marry, just part of a concerted effort by the palace to make Meghan feel welcomed into the fold.

Meghan appeared to be relaxed and at ease, splitting away from Harry to greet fans on her own. While most were content with high-fives, she did have to contend with one man who, having apparently waited for several hours outside Cardiff Castle, seized Meghan’s hand and planted a kiss on it. 

Meghan smiled her way through the entire encounter.

What a pro.

Meanwhile, Harry’s brother Prince William, accustomed to being ignored in favor of his more photogenic wife, was the center of attention when he appeared in public Thursday in London with his head shaved.

William has been slowly going bald for many years, and indeed has often made jokes about losing his hair, and appears to have taken the dramatic decision to step in and lend nature a hand.

And, whisper it, but is Harry going the same way, too?