Members of the George W. Bush White House: Where Are They Now?

The publication of George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points, has once more made the former president highly visible. But where have all the members of his administration gone? The Daily Beast tracks down the Bushies.

It’s been more than 650 days since Dubya took off in his helicopter, eager to get back to the ranch and get cracking on that memoir. Now, Decision Points is upon us, and the Bush rehab project is in full swing.

In the meantime, where have all the Bushies gone?

Gallery: Bush Diaspora

Only one veteran of the Bush administration remains in a high profile government position. That would be Robert Gates, the veteran bureaucratic infighter, who has managed to keep opponents at bay and remain atop the Department of Defense.

Most others vamoosed from public office. Some are still hacking away, having found different causes and candidates to sell. Others have joined the literati, including one budding novelist, Nicolle Wallace.

You don’t have to flip on Fox News to be reminded that Bushies lurk around every bend.

The previous administration, which planned to let history be its judge, has given the country a faculty department’s worth of budding historians, men and women eager to get their first drafts in early. Bush proudly skimped on newspaper reading. Yet a clutch of his nearest and dearest—notably daughter Jenna Bush Hager—have dipped oars into the mainstream media. In fact, you don’t have to flip on Fox News to see Bushies lurking around every bend.

Always aiming to serve, The Daily Beast presents an easy-to-print guide to where the Bush alumni—and their chief antagonists—have landed, so that the next time you find yourself wondering, "Whatever happened to John Yoo?" you’ll have it handy.