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Meryl Streep in ‘A Cry In the Dark’ & the More Dingo Spoofs

Meryl Streep’s made it famous, but see the best ‘dingo ate my baby’ spoofs. Plus, 10 tidbits you didn't know about dingoes.

Meryl Streep: That Dingo’s Got My Baby!

The Azaria Chamberlain case gripped much of the Australian public in 1980, and the story of her mother, Lindy, became immortalized around the world thanks to Meryl Streep in the 1988 film A Cry in the Dark. Watch as she says “that dingo’s got my baby!”—the line that went on to spur a string of pop-culture spoofs.

Seinfeld: Dingo or Fiancé?

Note to partygoers: Elaine doesn’t enjoy endless chatter about your significant other. Such was the case during a soirée in the 1991 Seinfeld episode, "The Stranded." Elaine became so annoyed by a fellow party guest that she busted out her best Meryl Streep impression. Turns out it was pretty good, as the line went on to become one of Elaine’s most memorable.

Bart Simpson’s Dingo Phone Call

Will Australia ever live down their dingo rap? During an episode of The Simpsons, Bart tried to subvert attention from money he owed an Australian man by referencing a dingo eating a baby. Too bad the quip wasn’t enough to keep Bart out of hot water.

Family Guy’s Dingo and the Baby

In Family Guy, it’s the baby that one-upped the dingo. On this episode the animated series, Stewie and Brian teamed up to host a radio show. But when it came time to hitting the airwaves, Stewie had a dingo-related slogan surprise.

Conan O’Brien: Australian Catch-Phrase Expert

Believe it or not, “the dingo ate my baby” is not the only catch phrase Australia is famous for. Watch as Aussie Simon Baker and late-night host Conan O’Brien run through their list of famous Australian references, culminating in, of course, the famous dingo line.