Monica Lewinsky's Black Nightgown is Up for Auction

Monica Lewinsky was never a fashion icon, but that hasn’t stopped Nate D. Sanders Auctions from putting clothing that once belonged to her on the block. The lot includes thirty-two items of Lewinsky memorabilia, including a floor-length black negligee.

According to a description on Nate D. Sanders’s Website, the Lewinsky items were “examined as potential evidence by Kenneth Starr's team in one of the most controversial presidential scandals of the 20th century. Lot comprises materials Lewinsky gave to her former lover Andy Bleiler and his wife during the early 1990's, including her personally-owned black negligee, a Bill Clinton typed letter signed on White House stationery, addressed to Mr. Bleiler per Lewinsky's request, and a handful of official White House issued items.” Other highlights include an American Rag denim jacket, an Anne Taylor yellow linen blazer, and a velour DKNY hoodie.

At press time, the Lewinsky lot had already received a single bid for $2,500. The auction closes on Thursday at 5pm PST.