Moonfalls & Space Carousels: Justin Peters’ Surrealist Art

Moons, whales, and otherworldly themes merge in the young German artists’ digital collages.

Courtesy Justin Peters

Justin Peters is a German digital artist who is bored with nature photography.

"I started with normal photography, capturing pictures of nature and a forest near my hometown," Peters told The Daily Beast. "At some point I was bored of these simple pictures that I had, I wanted to create something more special."

The result? An impressive body of imaginative digital collage, seamlessly blending a mix of stock imagery and nature photography. Peters, who learned his techniques watching YouTube tutorials, uses Photoshop to blend the images but first sketches his concepts on paper. Peters states on his site that the Picasso quote, "everything you can imagine is real" is a personal mantra, and judging from his work, his reality is out of this world.