Nanny Knows Best

More Details About Prince George's New Nanny

George's new nanny comes from a wealthy Spanish family and trained at the same college Mary Poppins is often assumed to be an alumnus of.

GAB Archive/Redferns

Kensington Palace confirmed to the Daily Beast late last night that Prince George's new nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, was trained at Norland College.

The celebrated nanny college counts as its most famous (if fictional) alumnus Mary Poppins. Although Norland was never named as her alma mater, the fact that Poppins wore white gloves, which form part of the uniform that graduates of the exclusive nanny college are entitled to wear, gave the game away.

When Norland College was founded in 1892, the students’ distinctive brown uniform and gloves were introduced to ensure nannies were not mistaken for mere domestic servants.However, the uniform is no longer obligatory, and when Miss Borrallo was recently photographed pushing young George around Kensington Gardens she was informally dressed in trousers, a jumper and a knotted pashamina.

According to report in The Telegraph this morning, Miss Borrallo comes from a family of wealthy high-fliers in Spain.

When her parents Luis and Maria married in Madrid in 1967 their wedding was reported in the society pages of the newspaper ABC.

Miss Borrallo’s late father was an engineer who could afford the best education for his children. One of her brothers, Ignacio, studied music in Canada and has toured the world playing the viola with orchestras and string quartets.

Another brother, Luis, was ordained in 2011 and is a deacon in the Castilla y Leon region, and a third brother, Pablo, is an academic.

Miss Borrallo’s uncle Emilio, who lives in Madrid, told the Telegraph: “We are pleased for her but don’t want to make any further comment.”

Miss Borrallo is single and in her thirties and is said to be 'married to her job'. She reportedly came to the attention of Will and Kate when working for another family in their circle.