Most Fattening Pizza in America

Pizza preferences are as varied as the country itself, but not all pies are created equal, health-wise. The Daily Beast ranks the fattiest, saltiest, most caloric slices in America.

This is not the ranking that will settle the internecine battle over which American city tosses the best pizza (New York? Chicago? New Haven? Detroit?). No single article, argument or treatise can ever do that, because opinions about pizza are like a certain ubiquitous body part—everybody’s got one.

Gallery: Ranking the Unhealthiest Pizza in America

But when it comes to which slices are worst for you, there’s a lot of objective data out there. So while the debate on pizza quality will rage in perpetuity, we close the oven door on which of America’s most popular pizza joints serve the unhealthiest slice. The Daily Beast examined the nutritional information for the 30 largest pizza chains for which full nutritional information is available, limiting each chain to three appearances on this list. We measured each slice across the four categories available for each eatery: calories, saturated fat, sodium, and carbohydrates. Each slice was ranked within each nutritional category, then the ranking each slice received for each nutritional category was totaled to determine the final ranking. Ties were broken by calorie content.