Movie Review: Johnny Depp in 'The Rum Diary' vs. Justin Timberlake’s 'In Time'

In our weekly video feature 'Flick Picks,' The Daily Beast’s Ramin Setoodeh and Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers debate the new movies opening at a theater near you. See which films get a 'Yes,' 'No' or 'Maybe' from our critics. This week’s lineup: Johnny Depp’s The Rum Diary, Justin Timberlake’s In Time and Like Crazy, the sweetest love story of the fall.

Peter Mountain

The Rum Diary

Does Johnny Depp have a pirate problem? Ever since he starred in a certain Disney movie based on an amusement-park ride, his image brings to mind Jack Sparrow and all those action figures. Never has this been more of a problem than in The Rum Diary, based on the Hunter S. Thompson novel. The story crawls along, and Depp’s alcoholic journalist feels like a watered down version of his swashbuckling alter ego.

In Time

This sci-fi action thriller is about a future human race that stops aging at 25. Their currency is a stopwatch of “time,” which is traded for food and shelter until you run out and then—pow, you’re dead. Justin Timberlake made the transition from music to acting look effortless in The Social Network and Friends With Benefits. If only he could take this one back.

Like Crazy

A Brit (Felicity Jones) falls for her American classmate (Anton Yelchin), but they are torn apart when her student visa expires and she’s banished from the United States. Director Drake Doremus improvised the movie with his talented cast and it feels like a documentary on first love. Like Crazy won the audience award at Sundance.

Cumulative scores:

Ramin: Yes, 9; No, 4Peter: Yes, 7; No, 5; Maybe, 1