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Movie Title Break-Up, Star Wars on the Slopes, and More Viral Videos

From rapping headmasters to Star Wars on the slopes, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

5. Star Wars Meets Sochi

As if the Olympic skiing courses weren’t already challenging enough, this Danish television segment ups the ante by shooting lasers at the skiers as they fly down the moguls run.

4. Valentine’s Day Proposal Robbery

Citizens of New York, thank goodness you are spared, for once, from weekly prankery. This time, innocent Philadelphians must gape in horror as a ruthless thief nabs the engagement ring from a young Romeo trying to propose to his blushing blonde soon-to-be-bride.

3. Movie Title Break-Up

Who knew ending a marriage could be so easy? Apparently, all you need is extensive film knowledge.

2. Russian Pony Boy Routine

Many are sad to see the news of Evgeni Plushenko’s withdrawal from the Sochi Olympics, but here’s a chance to indulge in his former glory. His inhuman biceps and sultry hip pumping will ease any pain felt after hearing about his exit from the figure skating scene.

1. Snow Day School Rap

Durham Academy wins the award for having the absolute coolest head and assistant head of school ever. Not only did they cancel classes for those lucky North Carolinian teenagers, but they did so by writing their own rap to the classic “Ice, Ice Baby.” Your principal was never this rad.