Nancy Pelosi Reveals Dancing Secret from Barney Frank’s Wedding

Nancy Pelosi busted a move at Barney Frank’s wedding—she tells Eleanor Clift her dancing secret.

J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

A cell-phone video of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi dancing up a storm at Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank’s wedding Saturday went viral, injecting some fun into the news of the day on Capitol Hill. Inquiring minds wanted to know all about it, and Pelosi, amazed by the buzz the video created, revealed to the Daily Beast what was on her mind as her dance partner spun her around and nearly swept her off her feet—it was her shoes, cream colored heels that she confided were a half size too big, which meant she had to work extra hard at keeping them from flying off her feet and into the air. It’s something a lot of women can relate to.

Pelosi’s partner on the dance floor was Terry Bean, a co-best man to the groom. She said he’s a very good dancer, and the huge smile she wears throughout their time on the dance floor is evidence of how much she enjoyed dancing to what she remembers was a medley of ZZ Top tunes. Pelosi grew up in Baltimore during the 1950’s, an era popularized by the musical Hairspray, when “Rock Around the Clock” and Elvis Presley topped the charts. Frank’s wedding, billed as “no-frills,” featured a disc jockey and the kind of music that he and Pelosi came of age listening to.

It was an historic wedding with Frank, 72, marrying the man he’d been with the last few years, Jim Ready, making them the first same-sex married couple in the Congress. The New York Times reported that Pelosi stayed late and “swayed on the dance floor” to “It’s Raining Men.”