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New Ace Hotel Shakes Up the L.A. Scene

The super stylish Ace Hotel has opened its doors in downtown Los Angeles.

Leave it to the Ace Hotel to take over a historic 1920’s building and turn it into the next trendy spot.

The super stylish hotel chain announced two years ago that it had chosen the United Artists theater building in downtown Los Angeles for its next outpost—and travelers have been eagerly anticipating its arrival ever since.

The hotel chain, which suffered a blow after founder Alex Calderwood was found dead last November, opened its newest addition this week. The LA property features 182 guest rooms, a restaurant and bar, and a gorgeously renovated theater that seats 1,600.

The hotel’s in-house design team collaborated with LA-based Commune Design and Chicago-based GREC Architects to strip the building down to its concrete, restore its intricate designs, and refashion it with local goods.

“We wanted to make the hotel as eclectic and vivid as Los Angeles itself,” Pamela Shamshiri, a partner at Commune, told Architectural Digest.

The hotel itself is packed with original 1927-themed artwork, artisan furniture, and the expected hipster touches of gourmet coffee and turntables. The theater will serve as an entertainment space, with Spiritualized booked as its first public event on February 14.