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New York Fashion Week Is Over. So What's There To Wear?

Clothes came down the runway in a variety of splashy colors, with elaborate brocades and farfetched inspirations. But what will actually trickle down? From earcuffs to arm parties, hippie-prep to latex, six things you may actually see next Spring.

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1. It's The Season of the Arm Party: All of those lanyards you've amassed over the summer? Old bracelets gathering dust in your jewelry box? Well, layer them on. At the Rachel Roy and J. Crew presentations, both held Tuesday morning, one thing was clear: next Spring is about the return of the wrist. Boy. Band of Outsiders featured similar lanyards in its Saturday show, which lent everything a beachy, casual vibe.

2. Put A Scarf On It: After dazzling audiences with stripes and a nod to Edie Sedgwick in his signature collection last night, Marc Jacobs' line for Marc by Marc Jacobs was all about cool contemporary fashion for today's street-style generation. Yes, there's an art to the way he played up casual accessories, namely scarves-- brightly colored doo-rags wrapped around models' heads coupled with equally bright but mismatched patterned neck scarves, or scarves worn as belts.

3. You Might Be Wearing Latex A Year From Now: Oscar de la Renta's runway usually features tulle confections that take over the entire runway. Which is why it came as a surprise when Karlie Kloss opened his show wearing a red latex shirt tucked into a pencil skirt. Was this the right show? Though the collection eventually included a fair amount of drama, a sleek streak ran throughout -- and, as models traversed the runway with pink hair -- some wondered whether de la Renta might be going punk.

4. The Rise of the Dangerous Earrings: Cuffs are no longer something to wear on your way to prison. It's the earring to have next spring -- and the stranger, the better. On Rodarte's runway on Tuesday afternoon, Kate and Laura Mulleavy debuted dragon ear cuffs that would make even Lisbeth Salander proud.

5. When In Doubt, Go For The Gold: Vera Wang's "Out of India" spring collection--a spectacle of opulence and luxury--was not, as several fashion reporters speculated after the show, inspired by a visit to the far eastern country. "I was in search of a place that felt very foreign to me," Wang said backstage. "It wasn't about a sari. It was about a mood." Indeed, there was nothing literal about her romanticized vision of a modern India: hand-pieced lace sheath dresses in chartreuse and cypress green with jeweled accents; damask faille pajama trousers; gold hammered bullion tops and brocade jackets. The most decadent standout pieces will likely be sought after by Wang's numerous celebrity fans, including Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, who didn't make it to the show this year, though Kim praised the collection on Twitter. Elsewhere on Tuesday, Naeem Khan sent several golden sparklers down his runway.

6. Turn Up The Trustafarian Chic: As Tory Burch said of her collection, it's "American prep meets magpie traveler." That translated into an assortment of beachy dresses, raffia, fringe, and big beads that tiptoed the line between hippie and preppy.