Pips Tips

'New York Magazine' Writer Celebrates Pippa Middleton Lifestyle and Diet With Hilarious Results

This is genius.

New York Magazine writer Rebecca Harrington has gleaned as much information as she can about Pippa's life and style from her book, Celebrate, and her hilariously awful columns for the Telegraph, neatly summarized thus: "In each column, she does crazy fad exercise regimens and then an unseen photographer takes pictures of her in weird outfits."

So Harrington first follows the Dukan diet, and then in the cause of journalism goes aqua-cycling (spinning in a pool) and even risks flouting New York law by eating the Scottish dish haggis, which is made of minced up animal insides stuffed inside a sheep's bladder (but tastes worse than it sounds).

Harrington's conclusion? "Pippa could be riding around all the time with French people in motorcars but instead she is out there, trying to develop muscles in her legs. You got to give the girl some credit."