Nicki Minaj Agrees to Pay Off Student Loans for Over a Dozen of Her Fans

The hip-hop superstar heard her fans’ pleas for help with their college payments—and the rest was pretty damn awesome.

Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

It began blandly—with a Twitter contest to join Nicki Minaj at the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas—and ended in a spectacular flurry of social media charity.

On Saturday night, while Kate McKinnon was busy tearing it up on SNL, the high priestess of hip-hop, Nicki Minaj, addressed her acolytes via Twitter. She told them to tweet her using the #NickiBBMAs for a chance to either join her in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards on May 21, or accompany her in the studio during a recording session.

Then, when one of her fans asked for Minaj to pay their college tuition, things got interesting.

Minaj began requesting proof of 4.0 GPAs, agreeing to help pay for her fans’ tuition should they provide it.

Then she did away with the 4.0 GPA requirement, agreeing to pay for random fans’ outstanding college payments, from tuition to summer courses to books and other supplies.

Some of her fans requested help with their student loans. Queen Nicki obliged.

When all was said and done, Minaj had agreed to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to help over a dozen of her devoted fans go to school—and if that weren’t enough, she agreed to revive the Twitter contest “in a month or 2.”

All hail Queen Nicki. We are not worthy.