Yes, He Practised!

No Baby Seat Blues For William

John Phillips

Few new fathers would not have identified with Prince William as he theatrically mopped his brow with exaggerated relief after performing the ultimate feat of new fatherhood – installing the car seat for the first time.

If he looked like he knew what he was doing, that’s because he did. “He had a few practice runs,” a source told The Royalist this morning.

These did not take place in a secret underground bunker at Kensington Palace but at Bucklebury Manor, the impressive country house that is the Middleton’s home, where William and Kate spent much of the week preceding the birth.

William definitely did better than me with his first go at the car seat challenge.

The first time I did it, it was a New York yellow taxi, it took ten minutes, and in the end the taxi driver threatened to kick us out unless we got in. My wife looked like she was about to burst into tears so I suggested, “Let’s just hold him, shall we?”

I don’t think we ever managed to find a Manhattan cab driver prepared to wait a New York minute or three while we buckled up baby.

But driving off with the baby harnessed illegally - or not harnessed at all - was not really an option for Kate and William.

Smoothly handled, hats off to you, William.