Happy Birthday Ma'am

North Korea's Birthday Wishes To The Queen

The Daily Beast

The Queen certainly has a significant number of unusual friends, and part of her job description is to do the old grip-and-grin with some of the most distasteful of tyrants, but even she might balk at a show of friendliness with Kim Jong-Un, the youthful leader of North Korea.

While he may not have necessarily had his uncle torn to pieces by wild dogs or his former girlfriend executed by firing squad, he’s not everyone’s idea of a dream dinner date.

Nonetheless, the North Korean leader has reportedly attempted to curry favour with his fellow leader by sending HM a birthday card, on the occasion last week of her official birthday.

The birthday wishes were sent by Kim Yong-nam, the president of the Presidium of the Supreme Assembly of North Korea and the country’s second-most powerful person, the official KCNA news agency reports.

“The message wished the queen good health and happ[iness] and the British people well-being and prosperity,” the report said.

The KCNA also said the British embassy in Pyongyang marked the occasion with a reception attended by officials including the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade.

The report helpfully adds that “speeches were made at the reception.”

Sounds like a brilliant night, we feel sure you’ll agree.