Nude At The South Pole, It's Alexander Skarsgard, NOT Prince Harry (This Time!)

Alexander Skarsgard gets his kit off, despite the cold

If you had to place a bet on who would get photographed naked on the crapper at the South Pole on the recent expedition there by wounded soldiers and celebrity mascots, I think we can safely assume most money would have been on our beloved and bearded Prince Henry of Wales.

In fact, Alexander Skarsgard has now been exposed as the team member most likely to get his kit off, in a shot posted on instagram which recalls his full frontal nude scene from True Blood.

Wearing sunglasses and his pants rolled down to his snow boots, the buff blonde reads a book while relieving himself in the antarctic landscape.

Let's hope he didn't get frostbite - here's the science of getting naked in antarctica.

The photo was posted on Instagram by Inge Solheim, Alexander's team guide on the Walking with the Wounded Challenge, a charity expedition across Antarctica in which Prince Harry also participated.