Strong Punch

Obama's New 47 Percent Ad

The 47 percent may leave the news pages, but they'll stay with in ads for weeks to come.

I've been wondering since the 47 percent story broke how the Obama team would use it in ads, and here we have the first ad playing off the story, which is running in Ohio.

It's very good. Tough. It contrasts Romney picking on veterans and retirees with his own low taxation rate. And everything in it is factually correct!

The story is going to recede from the news pages and airwaves now, already has to some extent, but it is certainly going to stay alive via paid ads, and I would hope and presume it will do so right up through Election Day.

But again, I must reiterate: Romney did not speak these words because they represent his lifelong beliefs. Yes, he believes what he said. He has come to believe it in the last few years, in these years of Republican madness. But he said what he knew he had to say. As I wrote over the weekend, Republicans, your main problem is not Romney. Your main you.