Obama’s Second Chance

The president was unable to deliver on the promise of his first term. He has another opportunity now. Mark McKinnon’s hopes for the next four years.

Four years ago, it was as if the gods had smiled gently on Barack Obama, gifting the moment and the country with his presidency.

Four years ago, I faced the most difficult decision in my professional life. I stepped away from John McCain’s presidential campaign after he won the nomination. A hero and a friend, he accepted my decision.

I did not want to be the one leading the attack on Barack Obama, to change the course of history; I wanted the people to decide.

I did not expect this to be the moment the rise of the oceans would slow, or the planet would heal. I didn’t agree then or now with many of his policies.

It wasn’t the man that called to us. It was the moment.

We felt it before, in the idealism of John F. Kennedy calling us to serve a cause greater than ourselves, and in the strength of Ronald Reagan calling for a wall to be torn down.

It was the promise of the moment I hoped for. We were not red states, or blue states, but the United States.

I hoped for change. Away from the bitter rancor that tarnished George W. Bush, a good man. Away from the perverting influence of money on our elections. And away from uncompromising positions that imperiled our children’s future.

It was not a moderate I sought. It was a voice of moderation.

Barack Obama was gifted with a voice and the moment. But the opportunity was lost. We can argue about why and who was to blame, but there is plenty to go around.

But now he has another chance to lead. I applaud and respect his victory. I hope he will take full advantage of the moment.

Because the moment is now. Again. Good luck and best wishes, Mr. President.