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Occupy Wall Street Late-Night Jokes: 'The Daily Show,' 'Jimmy Kimmel,' and More (VIDEO)

There’s no place Occupy Wall Street protesters won’t go. WATCH VIDEO of the best coverage on late night.

The Occupants' 'One Demand': Hacky Sack?

They're here, they're unclear, and they're not going away. On The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert asked the question on everyone's mind: What is the "one demand" of the Occupy Wall Street protesters? While the funnyman was unable to distill what, exactly, that demand is, he did offer up a few gems. "If there's one thing New Yorkers never ignore, it's people sleeping in a park," he said. So much for figuring that one out.

Searching for ‘Normal’ at OWS

The Daily Show’s John Oliver really wanted to Occupy Wall Street, so he headed downtown to connect with the people. But upon his arrival he had a bit of trouble fitting in with the very colorful crowd. Cue the crazies decked out in costumes, shouting as a “human microphone” and creating their own language of hand signals. Watch as he uncovers some rather eccentric activities while trying to find people just like him.

Protesting for the Heck of It?

Here’s a good way to pass some time: On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host reported that more than 700 protesters were arrested for blocking cars on the Brooklyn Bridge. “They say the best way to fight corporate greed is to make random people sit in traffic on the way to visit their aunt and uncle in Brooklyn on a Saturday.” We doubt the family is pleased, but hey, at least they’re fighting for something?

Mayor Bloomberg Occupies ‘SNL’

Look who’s part of the 99 percent now. Mayor Bloomberg (looking suspiciously like Fred Armisen) dropped by Saturday Night Live to make sure everyone understood one thing: he’s just like everyone else! Bloomberg pointed out several people who are wealthier than him, helpfully providing their contact information just in case the protesters wanted to pay them a visit. Politicians—they’re just like us. Or, at the very least, are trying to be.

Protesters Occupy Broadway Musicals

On Columbus Day weekend, Stephen Colbert tried to bring the family to see Phantom of the Opera in Times Square—and failed. Instead, they got a full Broadway serenade, more or less. On The Colbert Report, the host quipped that he got to see a bit of Rent, Les Miz, Hair, and Stomp, of course, when OWS protesters occupied New York's theater district. But what was even more terrifying for the host? When the mob became 99 percent of his audience in this video (or so he said).

Tea Party vs. OWS: What’s the Difference?

Jon Stewart voiced his support for the protesters in the best way possible: by putting together a montage of clips to catch the opposition in their own words. Think Ann Coulter comparing OWS to Nazi “totalitarianism” or Sean Hannity summing it up with “they really don’t like freedom.” Stewart took them to task by comparing their comments to the Tea Party, showing a time when these OWS foes sang a different tune. Watch his hilarious compilation that shows the lighter side of the demonstration.