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O.J.: I Was Angry at Nicole After She Died

Simpson talks of his anger at his dead wife at her funeral, and argues she should have taken him bursting into her home—prompting her to call 911—as a warning. Confused? So is he.

Further clips from the “lost” interview with O.J. Simpson, recorded in 2006 and due to air Sunday on Fox, have been released, and feature a confused O.J. says how angry he was with his wife Nicole Brown Simpson at her funeral.

“I just remember seeing her there, and I still had so many feelings… if you are angry with someone, when they die, its not like that anger disappears,” Simpson says in a new clip released to TMZ.

The controversial interview with Judith Regan was scheduled to run 12 years ago—alongside a ghost-written book from Simpson titled If I Did It—but both the interview and the book were pulled due to a backlash from the public and families of Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, who was killed with her in the 1994 attack.

Regan was fired by Fox owner News Corp. in the fallout from the debacle surrounding the book and interview.

Now, however, the victims’ families are said to have given their blessing to broadcasting the interview.

Simpson appears to make a case that he tried to warn Brown she was in danger, even referencing the notorious 911 call his wife made in which he can be heard yelling in the background and she says he has broken down her door.

“The 911 call where I am yelling at her, it was almost like I wanted to say to her, ‘Didn’t I say to you, I told you, didn’t I tell you?’”

Simpson says his anger at the funeral was caused in part at the realization that he was “never gonna have an effect on this person again.”

Regan asks Simpson what he said to Brown when, as per some reports, he leaned over and whispered something into her ear when she was lying in an open casket.

(Simpsonologists will recall there has been much dispute over the years, and in various recreations of the O.J. story, of whether or not Nicole Simpson Brown’s funeral was closed or open-casket. Nicole’s mother Juditha Brown testified that Simpson attended a private viewing for Nicole, alongside her family, and said that Simpson leaned into the open casket, kissed Brown on the lips, and said, “I’m so sorry, Nic. I’m so sorry.”)

In the previously unaired interview snippet now released, Simpson says he is not sure whether or not he actually said anything, but allows, “Some person said they heard me say ‘I’m sorry.’ I just recall Judy Brown pulling me over, looking me in the eye and saying, ‘O.J. did you have anything to do with this?’ And I just told her, ‘No.’”

The Daily Beast reported this week how the interview shows Simpson theorizing that an accomplice may have joined him that night, if he’d carried out the killings.

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In the interview, Simpson refers to this supposed accomplice as “Charlie” and sketches out a surprisingly detailed scenario in which “Charlie” could hypothetically have told him he “wouldn’t believe what was going on at Nicole’s house,” prompting him to drive over there in his Ford Bronco.