Olympics' Oily Tonga Flag Bearer Blows Up Twitter

‘He’s so shiny!’ an NBC anchorwoman helpfully narrated. Twitter did the rest.

Leon Neal/AFP/Getty

Gisele Bündchen may have done her last catwalk at the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony Friday night, but the star of the evening was, of course, the Tonga guy.

His muscular torso glistening in oil or, as some speculated, possibly butter, the living superhero known as #TongaMan shirtlessly carried the flag of his Polynesian archipelago country in the Parade of Nations, momentarily rupturing the composure of the NBC anchorwoman narrating the event.

“He’s so shiny!” she blurted out. Then, after her co-anchor said the crowd seemed to love him, she added somewhat thirstily, “What’s not to love?”

Twitter responded strongly as well. Below is a sampling of the world’s first reactions to oiliest Olympic flag bearer in history: