On ‘Fox & Friends,’ Dr. Oz Appears to Talk Ivanka Trump—But His Rant on Medical Marijuana ‘Hypocrisy’ Steals Show

“Can I just say something? The real story is the hypocrisy around medical marijuana.”

'Fox & Friends'

Dr. Mehmet Oz made an appearance on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to promote his interview with Ivanka Trump—but instead drifted into an impassioned rant on the “hypocrisy around medical marijuana.”

Oz’s sit down with the White House senior adviser is set to air on The Dr. Oz Show Thursday, and teasers show Trump discussing how she suffered from postpartum depression.

As Oz’s interview wound down, co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked about Ivanka’s stress level and about stress in America.

“After a while, won’t our country get sick of the negativity?” Earhardt asked. “When do we get to the point as a country where we say, ‘We can’t do this’?”

Oz agreed with Earhardt, and co-host Brian Kilmeade then appeared to attempt to wrap the interview by tying this to the opioid epidemic, at which point Oz seized the opportunity to talk about, of all things, medical marijuana.

“Can I just say something?” Oz jumped in. “The real story is the hypocrisy around medical marijuana.”

As the hosts stared, Oz continued: “People say marijuana is a gateway drug to narcotics; it may be the exit drug to get us out of the narcotic epidemic.”

“Wow,” said co-host Steve Doocy.

“We’re not allowed to study it because it’s a Schedule I drug,” Oz continued, speaking faster as he ran out of time. “And I personally believe it could help.”

“Hadn’t heard that before,” Doocy said.