Oprah’s 5 Biggest Giveaways: Best Favorite Things Episodes

Winfrey kicked off the final installment of her legendary “Favorite Things” giveaway today—with cruises for all! WATCH VIDEO of her most exciting gifts, from Australian vacations to KFC.

Oprah’s most exciting show was undoubtedly the annual “Favorite Things” episode, in which she showered her studio audience with surprise gifts. From Australian vacations to KFC, watch video of her biggest giveaways of all time.

Oprah’s Final “Favorite Things”

For Oprah’s last “Favorite Things” episode, she promised the biggest giveaways ever. The audience was a hand-picked group of ultimate fans and people who had given back to their communities and families. The pandemonium began early in the first of two episodes when Oprah gave each audience member a $2,000 diamond watch, a Nikon camera, and a seven-day cruise.

And You Get a Car!

What will she come up with next? In the opening of the 22nd season, Oprah made news with one of her biggest gifts to date: She gave all 276 audience members a box and told them whoever had a key in the box would win a car. Enthusiasm hit a fever pitch when the group realized that everyone was getting a new ride.

The Audience Heads Down Under

If Oprah could host a show anywhere, where would it be? The media mogul had one place in mind: Australia. She surprised her audience this season by telling them about her idea to host a show on the other side of the world, and asked them to come along, of course!

Free KFC for… Everyone

Oprah might just be the greatest philanthropist ever. Knowing that hard times have fallen on many Americans, in 2009 Winfrey gave away free meals from Kentucky Fried Chicken to everyone. Read: everyone, not just her audience members, but anyone who could download a coupon from her website to redeem at KFC.

The Ultimate Audience Freak-Out

What would an Oprah giveaway be without tears and hysteria? One unexpecting audience got the surprise of their lives, when, at the behest of her producers, Oprah did a “Favorite Things” summer edition. When she announced to the audience that they were appearing in the holy grail of all Oprah episodes, there was a full-on meltdown.