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Oscar de la Renta on the FLOTUS, Aziz Ansari’s Beauty Routine

Oscar de la Renta on the FLOTUS: Oscar de la Renta has opened up about his feelings for Michele Obama. Obama is the first FLOTUS since Jackie Kennedy to not wear any of his clothes—which has led de la Renta to previously voice distaste with Obama’s wardrobe choices. But he tells New York magazine, “Journalists only use what they need, and it is often out of context…I didn’t want to sound like a bag of saccharine, so I said that some First Ladies—after all, they aren’t elected—do it all very well right away, and for others there is a learning curve.” [New York Magazine]

Aziz Ansari’s Beauty Routine: Aziz Ansari has revealed his beauty routine, and it’s full of pomegranates! “I get up at five in morning to purée the pomegranate. I put that on my face and let it rest for a few hours, and take the pomegranate off,” Ansari told Into The Gloss. He follows up with Lubriderm and some “custom Kiehl’s stuff just for Indian people that’s not on the market yet.” [Into the Gloss]

Cats Hit Fashion Week: The finale at Tracy Reese’s fashion show beheld a furry surprise. Lily the cat walked down the runway in the arms of a stone-faced model, wearing an edgy black leash. Apparently Lily is in New York to promote Purina ONE at fashion week, and is also plugging an initiative called the ‘True Nature of Cats’ which aims to challenge cat misconceptions “beginning with the idea they can’t be leash trained.” [Fashionista]

Elle Fanning’s After School Fashion Hobby: Elle Fanning covers New York Magazine’s spring fashion issue, posing in a variety of pastry-type clothing and talking about her love of fashion. “At night, after homework, I check out what’s going on in the fashion world,” she said of her hobby. Fanning, known for her doll-like sophistication, explains that she’s not afraid of experimenting with her look. Lately, she’s been wearing different colored pastel eye shadows. “I was inspired by the Chanel resort show, where the models had on different pastel wigs, and I wanted to do my take on a sixties eye, but with pink.” [NY Magazine]

Carrie Underwood’s Grammy Dress Secrets: The secrets behind Carrie Underwood’s glowing Grammy’s dress have been revealed. Her gown was created by Theia designer Don O’Neill in three days’ time, and had to be pre-approved by both Underwood’s stylist as well as the special effects video team. Said Underwood of the experience: “I just like to stand still and sing sometimes, so this seemed like the best way I could do that and still create something visually attention-capturing.” [People Stylewatch]