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‘Parks and Rec’ Star Nick Offerman on Dicks & the Opposite Sex, Feminism

The actor raps about his manhood and discusses his views on women’s rights and feminism.  

Nick Offerman rapped me a song about his dick.

OK—not his dick per say, but dicks nonetheless. The actor, known for his array of masculine beards and the macho role of Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Rec (delivering one-liners like “You had me at ‘meat tornado’” and “Fish meat is practically a vegetable”) will play a similarly minded character in The Kings of Summer, a coming-of-age story about an adolescent male who runs away from home because of his controlling and seemingly apathetic father (Offerman).

On the red carpet for The Kings of Summer (out Friday) I asked Offerman to give me a sampling of his rendition of Riskay’s “Smell Yo Dick,” and the comedian happily obliged: “Smell my dick, wait a minute hold up, See that’s how a bitch get ‘er eye swoll’ up,” he began. But it didn’t stop there: “And I don’t give a damn what your home girl seen, when I was in the club, what the—erp—you mean?”

“YouTube had us on their comedy week last Friday doing that,” he said of the song. The “they” to which he is referring is none other than his wife and fellow actor Megan Mullally.

Being married to an equally hilarious partner, comedic powerhouse Mullally of squeaky-voiced Will and Grace fame, made me wonder: could man’s man Nick Offerman be a feminist? Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

“Well, I’m a male/ It’s sort of the foundation of where the malecentricness comes from–I play men best. But I would definitely consider myself a feminist. I grew up in a household that was ruled by chivalry, but a family where the men and women are equal soldiers. In every battle we are all well trained in the kitchen and outdoors with the shovels, or chopping firewood. As an athletic white man, I was painfully aware my whole life of the advantages of my particular group. So not only would I consider myself a feminist, but I would consider myself a humanist. I’m always voting for everybody to get a fair shake.”