Photo of the Day: Louise Gray's Badass Barbies

Louise Gray may be the most loveable eccentric of British fashion: she’s known for her bras made out of bubble-wrap, her nutty prints, and her love of Blondie. So when the Central Saint Martin’s grad was chosen by Mattel to produce three Barbie-inspired pieces for her collection, it was easy to guess that the clothes would look mighty different than the doll's usual fare. And indeed, in the collection she showed on Monday, there were wild t-shirts, giant earrings, crazy graffiti glasses, and punk interpretations of the Barbie logo. It was, as British Vogue put it, “Alice in Wonderland meets Gwen Stefani.” Gray explained that her collection was themed “Now What?” but was “a statement rather than a question."

"I looked at all the things from my past and all the different fashion references from the 40s, 50s, and 60s,” she told i-D. "It was more of a collage and jigsaw from all the things in my mind.”