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Pippa And Family Accused of 'Cashing In' With Alleged Cut-Price Range Rover Deal

Paper alleges the Middletons get cut-price Range Rovers to act as brand ambassadors

Pippa Middleton and other members of her family have reportedly been given a cut-price deal on new Range Rovers and Land Rovers, whipping up a new controversy over alleged ‘cashing-in’ by members of the Middleton family.

James Middleton was pictured arriving in a brand new £140,000 Range to the christening of Prince George earlier this month, and a few hours later Pippa was seen driving away in a Range.

The Mail on Sunday quoted an unnanmed source as saying, “The Middletons’ Range Rovers have been leased to them as part of the VIP scheme… you pay a small percentage of the usual fee in return for certain services – which can be as little as being seen driving around in the vehicle. Being associated with royalty does wonders for the brand.”

Range Rover – now owned by the Indian group Tata - are well-known in celebrity circles for offering cut-price deals to celebrities, and, the Royalist has been told, will often provide extras such as super-luxe interiors and souped-up sound systems for celebs at no extra charge.

Pippa has been the member of the family most frequently accused of ‘cashing-in’ on her royal connections, having written a book and now writing a regular column for the Telegraph, usually accompanied by pictures of her dressed up in unusual clothing.