Pippa and Kate Middleton's Brother James Speaks

James Middleton, 25, who read the lesson at the royal wedding of his sister Kate, has spoken publicly for the first time.

In an interview with the UK Sunday Times, James said that 'thousands' of offers similar to his sister's $500,000 book deal have been 'put on the table' for him, but he had declined to accept any because, 'I know what I am capable of and I don’t feel I need to do that. I'm not interested in publicity for myself.'

Mr Middleton was doing the interview, his first ever, to support a Sunday Times campaign to help entrepreneurs. Mr Middleton runs 'The Cake Kit Company' which provides kits to make birthday cakes, complete with ingredients and decorations.

Interviewer Eleanor Mills writes in the piece (which is locked away behind the Murdoch pay wall) that James looked 'affronted' when she asked if Kate had 'helped' or whether any of his cakes had received the 'royal seal of approval'.James shares a £1m London flat with his sister Pippa, paid for by his parents.

Speaking of the code of silence that surrounds the Middletons, Mills writes, 'Someone broke that code, though: look online and there are some decidedly racy nude pictures of young James, highlighted by a new American blog called The Royalist.'