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Pippa Critics are Just Jealous, Says Editor of Waitrose Magazine

The editor of Waitrose magazine, William Sitwell, has defended his decision to sign up Pippa Middleton, 29, as the new face of the magazine, and suggested that critics might be motivated by simple jealousy at her sweet new gig.

He told Siren FM, a community radio station in Lincoln, on Thursday, in remarks reported in the Daily Express, “The first column comes out next week so we can expect the usual flurry of abuse from newspapers and food bloggers who are jealous that they haven’t got columns.

“In the mix of the magazine, her stuff is fantastic. She’s there alongside Yotam Ottolenghi and some other up-and-coming chefs like Ben Tish from Salt Yard.“You’ll still see an array of talent that we use. She’s done her very first series as an Asian-themed Friday night feast and I think people will enjoy it. When people see the work that she’s doing, they’ll calm down.“I think there’s a lot of catty talk about Pippa Middleton. They think that for some reason she’s cashing in on her sister’s fame but, you know, the girl needs to earn a living and she’s got a talent to cook."