Pippa? Pass

Pippa Dropped by Viking As They Pass On New Book

Pippa's writing career, hamstrung by interfering royals, hits the buffers

Pippa Middleton's writing career may be in trouble.

Plans for a follow-up book by Kate's sister have been quietly dropped by her American publisher, Viking Press, after selling just 18,000 copies of her debut party planning book Celebrate, which, according to a catty source who spoke to the Sunday Times, is even less than Sarah Ferguson sold when she launched a writing career.

A Viking Press source told the paper's Atticus column: “Pippa’s Celebrate sales are nothing to celebrate. She was a superstar after the wedding, and everybody thought it would be a success. Even Sarah Ferguson sold more books when she started her writing career.”

Undoubtedly, Pippa's career is massively hamstrung by the fact that she has been banned by the Royal handlers from talking about the one thing that anyone is actually most interested in, her royal sister.

She was forbidden from doing interviews to promote the book which made it very hard to shift copies.

And clearly the publisher has no appetite for a repeat of the experience of having courtiers meddling in their business and telling them what they can and cannot do, which, sources told the Royalist at the time, made publishing her book a 'nightmare'.