Protecting Her Assets?

Pippa Eating At McDonalds in Missouri RIGHT NOW!

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images, via Getty

Pictures are emerging on twitter of Pippa eating at McDonald’s in the USA on her charity bike ride.

It appears, according to @ddot82, that she is tucking into a high-fat brekky at an outlet somewhere in El Dorado springs in Missouri right now!

“Who expects to see semi-royalty in a local mcdonalds,” asked one local. “Almost no one in US knows she’s doing this.”

We will not rest till we find out what she ordered and how that famous butt is holding up after four days in the saddle.

The Mail, helpfully, reports that Pippa has stocked up with special “chamois cream” for the purpose of protecting her butt.

“I think every cyclist including me will be layering it on,” she said. “Once we get going it’s non-stop, with very little sleep. It’s nerve-racking but exciting and all for a great cause.”

The Mail adds: Chamois cream is usually a shea butter, aloe vera or olive oil-based emollient designed to prevent sweaty bottoms and inner thighs from being rubbed raw during hours in the saddle.