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Pippa: I Feel Like A Caged Animal


The Royalist reported at Christmas that Pippa's publishers had passed on the opportunity to publish another book by the "Turkeys-are-perfect-for-feeding-larger-gatherings" author, and the Mail has a big page lead on the story today.

It goes into some detail with a friend of Pippa telling the paper that Kate's sister feels like 'a caged animal' due to the restrictions placed on her by her connections to the royals.The friend says: "Pippa left a good job as Event Manager at party planning business Table Talk to focus on launching her writing career. She was counting on [the book] working. She is becoming increasingly frustrated and angry that her reputation and livelihood is being affected by the constraints of royal life - especially as she is not a royal herself. In truth, she has had enough of it. She’s not a member of the royal family and is completely fed-up with having nearly every aspect of her life controlled just because her sister happened to marry into the royal family. She feels trapped like a caged animal and it really is getting her down."

The Royalist has heard that Pippa's publishers at Penguin have found working with the royals a nightmare experience that none of them are anxious to repeat. Pippa, meanwhile, is stuck in limbo with the terrifying prospect of becoming the next Fergie looming ever closer.

But one can't help but be struck by the irony that the very fact that helped Pippa secure her healthy advance - her sister marrying William - has also turned out to be the element that has sabotaged it.