Pippa Looks Hot in New VF Shoot

Pippa Middleton looks at her hottest since that wedding in a new shoot for Vanity Fair magazine, to accompany a jocular piece in which she attempts to explain the sport of cricket to her American cousins.

But it may not be for the prose (sample line: "I have many happy memories of afternoons spent lying on the grass and hearing the satisfying clunk of leather ball on willow bat..") that many readers will pick up the September issue of Vanity Fair, but the rather fetching photos of Pippa as a cricketer, photographed by Norman Jean Roy and styled by Jessica Diehl.

We are trying our hardest to get the picture here on the Royalist for you, but in the meantime, off you go to to see what I mean.

On the subject of cricket uniforms, Pippa writes, “From Imran Khan to England’s current captain, Alastair Cook, there is a tradition of the sultry cricketer powering in from the boundary or effortlessly gliding a ball to the boundary, tousled hair blowing in the breeze, his whites signifying a purity of action—oops, I almost forgot myself. Better have a cup of tea.”

This is Pippa's second column for Vanity Fair. Her first one was about the Wimbledon tennis tournament. I guarantee you that over the winter she will write one about skiing in Scotland, one about fox hunting in Gloucestershire and one about pheasant shooting in Northumberland.