Mustique man

Pippa Middleton's New Man Nico Meets The Parents in Mustique

Apologies, Royal fans, I have been remiss of late on the updates, lured away from my beat by the bright lights of London Fashion Week.

I interrupt my fashion reporting to bring you this breaking news from tomorrow's Daily Mail - the young man with whom Pippa Middleton was photographed frolicking and holding hands on the beaches of Mustique in the most recent set of unauthorised Kate snaps goes by the name of Nico Jackson.

And, the Mail reports, the amazing news is that he is not ridiculously posh! He went to a regular, free school and is - gasp - 'the son of a retailer'. I know! Trade!

The Mail reports that "for two years he dated Alice Farquhar, the daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, master of the Beaufort Hunt. Alice is the sister of Prince William’s former girlfriend Rose. However, they split last summer."

i don't know about you, but I reckon you have to be pretty serious about a fella to take him on hols with your mum and dad and the future king and queen.