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Pippa: Partying on Friday Night is Better Than Saturday Because It's Further Away From Monday

YES!!! Pippa Middleton's latest foray into the world of literature is here, and her debut article for Waitrose supermarket magazine contains the absolutely vintage advice that Friday is a better night for partying than Saturday because, wait for it, it's further away from Monday.

The feature reveals that Pippa is often exhausted by the end of the working week and suffers from “pre-Monday melancholy”.

Quick reality check on Pippa's 2013 so far: holiday in Mustique, skiing break in St Moritz, cross country ski race in Sweden. All that and writing all this stuff? Who wouldn't be wrecked!

Yet, she struggles on.

"Regardless of how tired I might be, the moment Friday lunchtime arrives I get that contagious pre-weekend excitment," she says, "Even if I'm feeling exhausted and don't feel like doing anything but watching telly, I can put off being tired till Saturday. Fridays, of course, hold the promise of the weekend but also, being far enough away from pre-Monday melancholy, feel freer. All of which is why Friday, rather than Saturday, is the night to feast!"


Still at least it's a step on from advising people to provide ice at parties, as she did in her book Celebrate, but hHer recipe for tangerine and sake jellies with coconut cream includes the advice: "Get ahead by making the jellies the night before."

What - on a Thursday you mean? Wow!

Further suggestions include using "bright flowers" to "soften angular Asian-style tableware" and the note that paper lanterns, fairy lights or floating candles can "set the mood".

Pippa's editor William Sitwell said he suspects many of those who criticise Pippa are just jealous of her landing a column at the mag.

You know what? He could be right.