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Pippa's Schoolgirl Crush on Her Sports Coach

Pippa Middleton appears to be throwing herself with some gusto into the freelance journalism world, as this week she has a piece in a supplement about independent schools for the Spectator magazine, a British establishment favourite, describing how she had a crush on her hockey teacher at school, and lingering at some length on her 'petite physique' .

Writing of her memories of school sports, she says, she can still hear “the booming voice of Mr Markham, our fierce but undeniably fanciable coach, urging us all on.”

Pippa says that hockey was her favourite: “I was captain and proud.”

On the subhe subject of netball, she writes, “My petite physique enabled me to nip and tuck my way past the bigger-chested girls. Elbows always helped; as did the derriere for defence (my ‘chest’ hadn’t developed back then)…it was brutal, but turns out to have been very useful practice for handling the media in later life.”