Pikachu Chic

Pokémon Hits High Fashion

The new Tumblr Pokémon X Fashion features high-fashion editorials peppered with Pokémon characters. Misty White Sidell talks to the mastermind behind it.

Not since the mid-’90s has Pokémon looked so good. A new Tumblr page called Pokémon X Fashion blends the Japanese phenomenon’s most famous characters with world-class fashion editorials. Founded in June 2011 by a 23-year-old man named Francis Phommisai, the site and its 320+ entries has drawn more than 8,000 followers and countless more reposts in its short lifetime.

Phommisai, who is currently employed as a merchandiser for Zara in Ontario, told The Daily Beast that his interest in fashion began around the age of 15, when spurred by an interest in the Australian supermodel Gemma Ward. “I watched her in a TV interview backstage at Prada’s spring/summer 2005 show with bleached eyebrows and immediately fell in love,” Phommisai explained. “It was kind of an obsession, I spent all my money on every magazine she was in.”

But now, his interest in fashion has grown. He creates impressive Internet graphics by seamlessly embedding Pokémon characters into beloved fashion imagery—an idea Phommisai originally conceived as part of an assignment in college. The site has even drawn industry accolade in recent weeks. French fashion label Kenzo, charmed by Phommisai’s interpretation of their most recent ad campaign, even tweeted “KENZO x Pokemon by @fphomm LOVE IT!!!” Phommisai was shocked: “I didn’t believe it, I’d never been recognized by an actual fashion house before.”

As Pokéfashion’s popularity continues to grow, Phommisai will continue to post his hilarious graphics. But who does he think is the most fashionable Pokémon of all? “Jynx, she is the psychic Pokémon,” he explained. “What other Pokémon could rock blonde hair and pink lipstick? Also she’s one of the only Pokémons who wear clothing—I guess you would say the other ones are naked.”