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Poll Results: Despite its Flaws, Readers Support the National ID—David Frum

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Today we asked, "Should America move toward a national ID card?" Here are the results:

Yes: 46%No: 32%Only if they are reasonably easy to obtain: 12%Only if it leads to universal voting rights: 8%We already have one--the state driver's license: 2%

Though the "Yes" option did get a majority, combining the "Yes" column with the other qualified answers would yield a majority of 68% who favor the national ID card in some form. But even within the many supporters, some readers were skeptical of how to implement a plan that seems plausible at least in principle.

Think4yourself:I read David's article. I don't see it happening as too many different interests would be against it.

David suggests the card would be free - who would pay for it? A card with comprehensive information that only gives specific information that a particular viewer might need?

David mentions the words "secure & encrypted" throughout the article. But as we know there is nothing that is really secure. The largest banks in the world have had privacy breeches. One of the advantages of a dicentralized system is that it can't be taken over at one time or by one person. If everything is centralized then it's more likely to be hacked - it becomes the Holy Grail of targets.

And for those who do support the national ID on its own merits, and assuming it was secure, there were still problems with the political ramifications of such a law:

Brock L. I have no problem with a national ID card, I have an issue with the current efforts of disenfranchisement for political advantage. Voting is guaranteed by the Constitution without mention of stipulations to exercise that right. An ID card to vote would be a poll tax if it was at all costly or difficult for some to acquire.

Others demurred on principle, choosing to defend their individual rights from an invasive government.

Deanna G.: George Orwell apparently thought that was where we were headed..... My opinion? No.