Portland Man Gives Mayor a Pepsi Can to Break Tension

An Oregonian pulls a “Kendall” at a city council meeting. It doesn’t end like the commercial.

Pepsi doesn’t always have the answers.

An Oregonian, Carlos Enrique, found that out when he decided to pull a “Kendall.” He was inspired by the recent soda ad which inflamed the Internet by capitalizing on “political energy.” According to MSN, Enrique brought a can of Pepsi with him to a testimony at Portland’s City Council meeting Wednesday morning.

The testimony started calmly. Enrique introduced himself as a former reporter for the Boston Herald (false) and shared his issues concerning a docking ordinance.

Then things took a turn.

During a heated exchange, Enrique got up, walked over to Mayor Ted Wheeler, reached into his jacket pocket, and whipped out the Pepsi.

“Woah, woah. Not a good move,” the mayor responded. “Not a good move. Thank you. Not a smart move.”

Enrique was escorted from the meeting, but as he went, he opened the Pepsi and flashed a smile at the cameras lining the room.

Wheeler thanked him: “I do appreciate it, but don’t do that again… Welcome to Portland. If this were the Boston City Council, that would have ended differently.”